Old Me Pigs (Christian Game 2018)

Online version here
PC Version download klick here
Play the game from your website   
(download the package (4MB), and put it on your own website )


The “micro games” are 30 seconds games, written in C++ and rendered with a game engine (Unity).
They are similar to a postcards from a distant Iceland. You receive such a card, look at the photo, and you are gone in mind. The sea becomes alive, you smell the palm trees and you feel the breeze.

With a “micro game” you can reach the same feeling by anyone. A single game is dealing with just one little part of the bible (like a photo from the great Iceland). There are hundreds of important bible verses, but we can not call back all. This game sequence (the micro games) will help you out.

Source:  http://christian-games-online.com/

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